Taylor Gentry: Communications Director

Taylor was born in Oklahoma but grew up in both Texas and New Mexico, spending her friday nights watching her dad coach his team to victory. In her High School years, she participated in volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, art and choir, while pursuing her love for singing and playing the guitar through leading worship at her church. She graduated from The University of Oklahoma, where she studied Communication, in May of 2015. While she attended OU, Taylor started a volunteer organization based on leadership where she developed a passion for encouraging others in every way, which she believes is our calling here on this earth. After pursuing her dream of being a wedding planner by interning for a company based in Dallas, she discovered her heart was pulling her in a different direction, towards ministry. Taylor’s passion for people and creativity lead her to move back to Austin and serve her family by becoming part of the Warrior team. She now stands at the South Austin Warriors Communication Director, where she strives to create opportunities for growth amongst the Warrior community.