our mission:


Our mission is to build Christ-centered foundations by:

  • forming relationships with families

  • instructing athletes in the fundamentals of a sport,

  • connecting athletic ability and passion

  • expecting athletes to work hard and care

  • developing leadership and

  • encouraging faith in Christ Jesus.

guide lines:

1. No social media for players at games. 
This allows our athletes to focus on their sport.

2. All questions and concerns will be addressed in the way we are taught in God's word in order that Warrior athletes will learn how to handle conflicts. Our goal is that the player in process of development learns to communicate and follow these steps in a mature, respectful and godly manner.

- The PLAYER (not the parent) will go first to his or her coach and ask to talk with them about the concern. 

- If the issue is not resolved by the player going to speak to his or her coach, the player will speak with his or her coach and with Coach G together.

- If the issue remains still, the player, his or her coach, Coach G and the player's parents will meet.

Please wait 24 hours before talking with a coach about a concern or conflict. This has been proven to be helpful, as things often look differently after a good night's sleep.